Sunday, June 25, 2017

Sad day for the rink hockey Rink...

Sad day for the rink hockey Rink...

Sad day for the rink hockey Rink hockey needs respect. The best teams have to promote our sport. In Portugal, SL Benfica wasn't present in the Final Four of the portuguese cup. They didn't accept the decisions of the referees last week-end. Shameful attitude by the club from Lisbon. If it was football, they didn't take this sad decision. The game had a transmission on TV, but the promotion of our sport doesn't seem important for them. Respect the referees, respect the federation, respect the teams present in the Final 4, respect the champion of the league, respect the public present for the semi-final, respect the rink hockey fans all around the World who wanted to watch the game, respect the organisation of the event and respect rink hockey. If there was a good institution, they had to be present against the new champion to win and show that they're better. To remember a similar situation, Hockey Club Liceo wasn't present for the European Supercup in 2011 against... Benfica. The portuguese club criticized a lot the situation which was against the promotion of our sport. Today, they did the same attitude. Shameful attitude by a club considered one of the best in the rink hockey world. Rink hockey can't be Olympic like that. We don't want people with this attitude to reach our dream, our work becomes more complicated.

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